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Best Binges Of The Summer

Ah, summer. As mass heat waves hit the world (I’m looking at you global warming), there seems to be a clear split through the world- those that spend every waking minute outside soaking rays and those that can’t wait for autumn to come around. Shamelessly I’ll admit I’m the latter. Despite the looming heap of films waiting for me on my watchlist, sometimes the summer heat leaves me craving a good tv show to dive into instead. Binging, whether it’s curled up in bed or on your old iPad sat in the back of a car, is a pass time we all engage in. Alone or with your best friend, here are my top picks of shows to dig your teeth into this summer. 


Euphoria (Season 1 on HBO)

Photo: via Netflix

If you haven’t caught wind of this show yet, you’re missing out. Euphoria follows a girl called Rue, a teenager fresh out of rehab with a dream to stay clean. As you delve further into this phenomenon of a show it tells the story of various teenagers, all suffering from personal issues and other problems that plague our generation. This show is the talk of the summer, and for good reason. Euphoria never shies away from getting gritty. Graphic scenes and sometimes triggering topics do feature, but the dizziness is grounded by strong lead performances and all the heart that shines through. If nothing else, this show will leave you wishing you could pull off neon and glitter makeup as donned by the bombshell leads. 


Dear White People (Seasons 1-3 on Netflix)

Photo: via Netflix

The third season of Dear White People just hit Netflix, and it’s just as relevant now as it was upon premiere. It follows a college with a harsh divide between the black and white students and the girl with a radio station all about it. The politics are slippery but they’re never danced around, everything from feminism and activism to racism is discussed and the rumours are debunked. Sometimes it’s painful, but it’s full of heart, teenagers are passionate but misguided and it’s rewarding to see them thrive and even learn a thing or two yourself. It isn’t a light watch, but no matter your race, it’s a good idea to check it out. 


Stranger Things (Seasons 1-3 on Netflix)

Photo: via Netflix

If you haven’t heard all about it already, Stranger Things season 3 takes place in the summer of 84, perfect for summer binging. Once again there’s trouble in Hawkins, each group facing challenges in a strange entanglement surrounding Russians, rats and radios. As always, it’s the performances that make the show (look out for nominations in award season), and it’d be damned if you don’t fall for at least one of the loveable teens. 


Lucifer (Seasons 1-3 on Amazon Prime, Season 4 on Netflix)

Photo: via Netflix

After getting picked up by Netflix for a fourth season, Lucifer is back and better than ever. Following the Devil escaped from Hell and a regular police detective, this show is so easy to get your teeth into. It’s quick-witted, light-hearted and full of characters that are so easy to love (especially the Devil himself). It’s based on a Neil Gaiman comic book, so if you’re into weird and wacky stories, or you loved Amazon’s new Good Omens, you’ll definitely love Lucifer too. Oh, and after the change to Netflix, it’s sexier than ever. 


Sex Education (Season 1 on Netflix)

Photo: via Netflix

Sex Education feels like exactly the kind of show you’ve been messing, with relatable teens and funny stories yet in a way Degrassi never could. Otis decides he needs some extra cash, so decides to become a ‘sex therapist’ to the teens in his sixth form college- inspired by his mother’s job (played by the one and only Gillian Anderson). It’s awkward, funny and real, it has an open-ness and honesty that most of our lives lack but definitely need. 


Russian Doll (Season 1 on Netflix)

Photo: via Netflix

Straight from Orange is the New Black, Natasha Lyonne thrives in this series playing a cynical but loving Nadia, a woman stuck in an endless loop on none other than her birthday. The Groundhog Day theme stops there though, as the Emmy-nominated show stays fresh and funny, with one of the best scripts of any Netflix show. It doesn’t falter for a moment, supporting acts Lizzy and Maxine bring just as much humour and fun as anyone else. Every episode stays great enough to keep you interested, with existential crises, addiction and irony add up to create great characters and a show you’ll probably finish in one sit. Oh, and the soundtrack is killer. 



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